• Design Expertise.

    WindowWalk™ Guides understand great design and home fashion.

  • Quality Materials.

    Get the highest quality, most energy efficient windows available.

  • Great Workmanship.

    Experienced window installation professionals deliver guaranteed work.

The WindowWalk™

New Perspective + New Possibilities + New Windows

The WindowWalk™ Team is made up of knowledgeable, enthusiastic start-to-finish Guides who believe windows are the most important design element of your home. WindowWalk™ is certified by major window manufacturers. We serve homeowners in Denver and Minneapolis

Claim Services

Is your window project part of a Homeowners Insurance claim?
We have the expertise and years of experience handling claims – from start to finish.

The WindowWalk™ is the Preferred Homeowners Insurance Windows Contractor 

The WindowWalk™

Great Design, Great Windows, Great Craftsmanship, Great Value

Preferred by Homeowners & Insurance Providers 

1. Problem Solving:

Get a Free WindowWalk™, a no obligation assessment of your Windows & we’ll work with your insurance agent and adjuster to get the job done.

2. Planning Sessions:

Your WindowWalk™ Design Guide will pull all the options together &
help you find Windows you’ll love to have in your home.

3. Product Selection:

WindowWalk™ works with the best window manufacturers & helps ensure you get windows that look great and maximize energy efficiency.

4. Professional Installation:

WindowWalk™ Guides handle all the scheduling and installation & guarantee timely replacement and professional work.

5. Preferred Financing:

Your WindowWalk™ Guide can arrange financing for your Window project &
help make sure you have all the financial resources you need.

6. Perfect Solutions:

WindowWalk™ completes your project exactly as promised & guarantees your satisfaction.

We Only Partner with the Best

Preferred Homeowners Insurance Window Contractor.