• Seeing an increased number of window claims?

    We’d like to help…

We offer a wide array of services to professionals in the insurance industry.

From measuring, scoping, and estimating to product recognition and research. We are also a trusted name in installation your policyholders can rely on to repair their damage.

What we’ve heard from Insurance Professionals.

  1. XM8 doesn’t price out windows accurately.
  2. Determining window brand, product availability, and repairability is time consuming and challenging.
  3. Not sure where to locate materials or obtain estimates for installation.
  4. Can we re-clad the window sash?
  5. Does the full unit have to come out? If yes, what should be included?
  6. Can we do a retrofit or “pocket” install?
  7. Does the siding need to be repaired or replaced?

Window Walk is currently providing the following service to Insurance Professionals.

Windows 101 and Brand Recognition

Quick reference training, tools, and resources to help field adjusters understand basic window components and identify window manufacturers/product lines.

Competitive Estimates

Timely full service estimates: accurate scoping, measuring, and material cost sheets (MBL’s). Widely accepted labor macros in XM8 for all methods of repair.

Replacement vs. Repair

Product and parts availability (discontinued materials). “Re-wrap/Re-Clad” vs. Sash replacement vs. Full-frame replacement. PCS has a well-documented library of manufacturer letters/notices regarding product availability.

Construction Process

On site training to fully understand the construction process, building code, and recognize site conditions that may affect the scope of work, e.g., “retro-fit” vs. full-flange replacement, siding manipulation vs. replacement, etc.